Easy Health Affordable medical services for you and your family

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Affordable medical services for you and your family

Private medical aid out of your reach?
Tired of waiting in queues at clinics and hospitals?

Become an EasyHealth member and you can consult with private doctors and get other medical services for a daily fee of R3 per day.

Here's what you get when you become a member of easyHealth:

  1. You can call us anytime on our 24-hour medical advice line
    Feeling sick? Got a medical emergency at home or work? Need medical advice quickly? For a R50 a month admin fee, you can call us night or day for advice and we'll send a paramedic or ambulance if you need one.

  2. You can see one of our private doctors
    Your contribution of R200 or more a month into your EasyHealth savings account is for you to be able to see one of EasyHealth’s network of private doctors across the country. We have negotiated low rates with these doctors for our members. No more waiting in line at clinics. Just make an appointment with one of the doctors on our list. If you have enough money in your savings account, we’ll pay the doctor at the negotiated low rate.

  3. You'll be taken to hospital by private ambulance if you need to be
    If you've been in an accident or have a medical emergency and you need to go to hospital, we'll send a private ambulance to take you there.

  4. Your family members can use this scheme under your name
    You can include your family members in this scheme, without having to pay more. Your family members can use the money in your savings account to see doctors.

How EasyHealth works

Step 1: You pay a daily  fee of R3 for the emergency advice line, plus R200 a month into your EasyHealth savings account. This is for seeing doctors.

Step 2: We hold your contribution of R200 or more in a separate savings account in your name.

Step 3: If you need to see a doctor, you choose one from our list. Or if you need emergency medical advice, you can phone our 24-hour medical advice line.

Step 4: If you see a doctor, we pay the doctor for your visit at the negotiated discount rate from your savings account.

Here’s how we keep the costs down

EasyHealth does not cover hospital costs. It only covers your doctor and other emergency expenses before hospital admission.

First in South Africa: 1 national number for emergencies.

Contact us on 0860 00 00 12