Easy Auto Car emergency protection services

Your car notinsured?

Get peace of mind on the road!

For only R99 per month, EasyAuto has you covered!

Only a call away 0860 55 55 54
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Why EasyAuto?

The average South African drives a vehicle 9 years old, not financed and not insured. The smart money would say it is because of costs. Costs to maintain, run, finance and insure a vehicle in South Africa today.

Affinity Group brings to the South African market EasyAuto?

If you cannot afford insuring your vehicle, maybe you should consider EasyAuto. EasyAuto offers the member all the protection a normal vehicle insurance product would offer, but without the insurance payout and therefore without the exorbitant costs.

How does it work?

When joining EasyAuto the member has immediate access to all of the benefits that EasyAuto offers. EasyAuto protects its members against the unexpected costs and hassles of a vehicle being involved in an accident. When a member’s vehicle is in an accident, the member only has to make one phone call to get the ball rolling.

In Summary?

24 Hour call centre to stand by the EasyAuto member in case of emergency.

Roadside Assistance including: Mechanical Breakdown and Accident Towing, Flat Battery Assistance, Flat Tyre Assistance, Locksmith Assistance and Vehicle Repatriation; all for free.

Emergency Medical assistance

Assessor service to control costs of vehicle repair and protect EasyAuto member against inflated quotes..

A list of accredited vehicle repairers to choose from.

Loans available to members at very competitive interest rates.

Specialist Legal team to recuperate costs from party at fault.

Salvage contract to ensure fair payout for EasyAuto member written off vehicle.

Cost: R99.00 per vehicle per month plus a once off R50 membership initiation fee!!!!!

A Likely Scenario

An EasyAuto member was involved in a vehicle accident late one evening. Fortunately nobody was seriously injured, but the accident left the car inoperable. The other party involved in the accident skipped a red traffic light and collided with the EasyAuto member’s family vehicle. Our member phonea an EasyAuto agent, who is available 24 hours a day.

The agent arranges for a tow truck to remove the vehicle from the scene of the accident, free of charge. Had somebody been injured, the Agent would have arranged for an ambulance and/or paramedics to be dispatched to the scene immediately. The vehicle will be held in a secure facility overnight until the next day when it will be decided how to tackle the damage to the car. Transport is arranged for the family to get them home safely.

The next day the Agent arranges for an independent assessor to evaluate the damage to the vehicle, free of charge. If the vehicle can be repaired it is important to know what the actual cost of repair would be. With this assessment in hand, our member will not be ripped off by being overcharged for repairs.

As EasyAuto has access to the best vehicle repairers in the country, our Agent will advise our member where to take his vehicle to have it professionally repaired.

The EasyAuto member does not have the cash on hand to have his vehicle repaired. The Agent advises the member of EasyAuto loans. EasyAuto provides loans to its members for the express purpose of repairing their vehicles if the need arises.

The Agent also informs the member about the 3rd party recovery service EasyAuto offers. The driver of the other vehicle involved in the accident will shortly receive a letter from the EasyAuto legal team to claim back the damages caused by his reckless driving. Hopefully with the money recovered from the party at fault, the member can pay back his loan.

The assessor might have found the vehicle uneconomical or impossible to repair. The Agent would inform the member of the arrangement EasyAuto has with one of the foremost vehicle salvage companies in the country. The vehicle will be collected free of charge from the storage facility and taken to the salvage contractor who would pay the member for the wreck at a pre-determined rate, therefore protecting Joe from profit taking on the part of underhanded salvage contractors.